“Make Mine A Bloggertini” – Bloggers’ Fashion Week


2The Bloggertini – the cocktail du jour

3IWYC eiffelIWYCThe collection from fashion-blogger-turned-online-retailer I Want Your Clothes was very much smart-casual chic. From the slouchy multi-textural Paris in Spring and rose sweaters to a witty cat print reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in feline form to more structured short-sleeve blouses, the clothes played on both sides of the line between smart and casual, daring its wearers to mix and match with impunity. Fellow blogger Rachael and I loved the Eiffel Tower sweater, as well as the one with the roses.

Rachel Black SelectionRachel BlackRachel Black Millinery had comtemporary takes on headwear, from big brass bold bows to butterfly clips with long, sweeping wings. The stand was like a mini treasure trove!

GuiradoGuirado Design has an fascinating story. It produces scarves featuring prints of paintings by Juan Antonio Guirado a twentieth-century Intrarealist painter. The label was created by designer Catalina Guirado, in honour of her father’s legacy. That’s a new narrative in wearable art…
Jara WineProduced in Britain, Jara Wine‘s collection consisted of floaty, breezy, easy-to-wear fabrics.

Nadia MinkoffI was surprised to see Nadia Minkoff displaying a collection at Bloggers’ Fashion Week. She explained that she wanted to get back to the grassroots of fashion, to speak to the regular woman, and see what they like. It’s a shame that my phone camera was no match for the mysteriously dark lighting above – her pieces are definitely for the confident woman; I can imagine the round red snakeskin bag in particular adding a statement to many an outfit!

Major London 05Nav and Gupreet Bains of Major London 05 have a strong hand in producing their garments – they even design their own prints! I was struck by their audacious use of colours and prints. The ladies were bubbly and friendly, and you could tell that they really have fun doing what they do.

eskay w skirtUsing Japanese fabrics, designs by eskay w are classic, with a slight twist. The skirt above featured in promo photos for Pure London 2014, a recent fashion trade fair!
Tutti RougeFloral lingerie from Tutti RougeCakoEdgy brand Cako designs shirts with prints that change colours in certain kinds of light. There wasn’t any UV light at their stand, though, so I didn’t get to see how it worked. It sounded intriguing, in any case.

Red VelvetSweet treats! What’s an event without a cupcake?

Photos taken on an iPhone


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